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These music videos feature the music of Dave Munkhoff. All songs were recorded and produced by Dave in his home studio. You can puchase downloads and CD's of Dave Munkhoff's music at CD Baby.

Peter Gunn - Dave Munkhoff
Rock guitar version of Henry Mancini's great instrumental classic, Peter Gunn Theme.
Available on CD Baby and iTunes.

Guitar Solo Two Hand Tapping - Dave Munkhoff
Classic rock guitar instrumental with a classical influenced melody. The verses were played mostly using two handed finger tapping on the fret board and hammer on's. Written and performed by Dave Munkhoff

Happening Ten Years Time Ago - Dave Munkhoff
A remake, by Dave Munkhoff, of the British Classic Rock Yardbirds' song, "Happening Ten Years Time Ago", originally featuring Jeff Beck. Dave's ripping guitar solo is a tribute to his guitar hero, Beck. This version was recorded sometime in 2005 or 2006.

Bach Concerto in A Major - Dave Munkhoff
Dave Munkhoff's classical rock guitar version of Johann Sebastian Bach's Concerto in A Major. As well as all the many guitar overdubs, Dave also played the keyboards, bass guitar and programmed the drums.
Available at CD Baby.

Harley Davidson Bikers Rock Guitar Groove - Dave Munkhoff
Heavy blues rock guitar instrumental, "Cheap Groove", by Dave Munkhoff. Featuring slide guitar.
Available at CD Baby.

Beethoven Moonlight Sonata - Dave Munkhoff
Classic rock guitarist Dave Munkhoff's emotionally stirring version of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. This song is from the CD, "Moonlight Sonata" which is available at and on iTunes and Amazon.

Linus & Lucy, Rock Guitar Shredder, Charlie Brown Christmas
A rock guitar version on the Charlie Brown Christmas classic, “Linus and Lucy”. Dave Munkhoff’s ripping lead guitar energizes this Vince Guaraldi tune without taking anything away from the melody. There’s even a little jazz piano break that captures the cool feel of the original version. Available at CD Baby.

Little Drummer Boy - Dave Munkhoff
A classic hard rock guitar version of the Christmas carol, Little Drummer Boy, by Dave Munkhoff. A music video using Christian religious images and symbolism to celebrate Jesus. Available at CD Baby.

Amazing Grace: Slide & Electric Guitar - Dave Munkhoff
Dave gets religious with his Classic Rock guitar version of his favorite traditional hymn, “Amazing Grace”. Munkhoff’s soulful blues slide guitar style compliments the beautiful and simple melody. There must be a reason why most of the world's beautiful music was written in tribute to Christ.

The first verse solo slide guitar and church organ. For the second verse is a bluesier slide guitar with a full group behind it. The third verse kicks it up another notch with a half step modulation and a heavier singing Les Paul lead guitar and more punch from the band.Available at CD Baby.